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We would like to announce the final deployment of the new forum software. For that, we would like to address some concerns and questions you might have. If you have anything left that is unanswered after reading through, please feel free to leave us a comment.

Canary 1.1.1 (CanaryLib 1.1.1/CanaryMod 1.7.10-1.1.1) released corrected some bugs

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CanaryMod for Minecraft 1.7.10 has been released
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Today marks a great day in the CanaryMod history, given we are officially ready to put down a complete 1.0 release to the Minecraft server owners of today and tomorrow.
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In the previous news post, it was stated that we would prefer to fly under the radar. This was also before I knew that people were not aware we had redesigned CanaryMod from the ground up in 2013, tossing out the old hMod sources to start from scratch. And with the addition of new developers to the team (who will be announced officially soon), I have decided that its time to let Canary fly in the radar.

Good morning / afternoon / evening, fellow Canary people.

It's time for another update on our progress. You might have noticed, we have a running build out. Darkdiplomat has, yet again (although very grumpily and angry), pulled off to merge all the NMS things back into something useful. Damagefilter has been busy breaking things (because that's what he can do best) such as the Database API, additionally to updating our machine names for block types to be Minecraft compliant.

As you all already know, Minecraft 1.7 was released nearly a month ago now, and yet there are no signs of a CanaryMod for 1.7. Fear not though, we are planning to update to 1.7, it's just taking a lot longer than usual due to the size and changes that 1.7 contains.