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Canary 1.1.1 (CanaryLib 1.1.1/CanaryMod 1.7.10-1.1.1) released corrected some bugs

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CanaryMod for Minecraft 1.7.10 has been released
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Today marks a great day in the CanaryMod history, given we are officially ready to put down a complete 1.0 release to the Minecraft server owners of today and tomorrow.
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In the previous news post, it was stated that we would prefer to fly under the radar. This was also before I knew that people were not aware we had redesigned CanaryMod from the ground up in 2013, tossing out the old hMod sources to start from scratch. And with the addition of new developers to the team (who will be announced officially soon), I have decided that its time to let Canary fly in the radar. I stand by my welcoming invitation to Bukkit Community, developers and users alike. We at Canary will do our best to maintain and incorporate everyone.
I also would like to say that CanaryMod is pretty stable for 1.7.2 and we will likely have a full release in the next few days or so (Like actual 1.0.0 release)

Alright guys, I know you are all waiting on hearing from the team about what we are planning and whats going on. I am sure you have all heard by now about EvilSeph leaving Bukkit, and the wolverness DMCA takedown of Bukkit builds currently. This does not currently affect us, but it could. How? Well, let me start off by saying that I have no intentions of replacing or out doing Bukkit. Canary doesn't have the team members or management to attempt such a thing. Why? Well, Bukkit is both backed by Mojang and Curse. Canary is backed by damagefilter and myself (ie: we pay the server bills), damagefilter and myself are also full time employed. That doesn't give us much time to really work on things either. (Especially damagefilter because he actually works most of his day, whereas I wait for phones to ring or issues to be submitted giving me a bit of time to work on Canary). The rest of the Canary team are either employed or students as well. We will not start pulling people into the team either, we would like to have a chance to get to see the work people produce, and research who they are before we make any decisions about whether we want them to work with the team or not.

On to my second note here, Canary will make it to 1.7.10, and then 1.8 and beyond, it's just gonna take some time. Right now we are working on implementing and working with the UUID stuff. Since UUID begins replacing usernames (more noticeable in 1.7.10) we need to make sure that we can support and use that functionality. I also want to take the time to make sure that builds are more stable and things don't get left out like they have been previously. I have already found and fixed several hooks/events that were either left out or implemented incorrectly. And with plugins, we can't guarantee plugins will work build to build anymore. We try to make it easy to update and correct things, but there have been so many changes that we can't continue to support older plugins perfectly. UUID being a noticeable change that could affect older plugins that use username as keys and such. We aren't removing the ability to get a user name, its just not guaranteed to be the same user name if Mojang does suddenly finally allow user name changes.

Last of all, if you wish to share Canary with friends that is fine but please try not to go all elaborate, trying to pull a ton of people to Canary. We don't want a bunch of community members running and yelling and screaming about us being slow or not doing things a certain way. It's the teams project and it will be done the way we feel it should be done. We like and enjoy receiving community input and will do what we feel is best for Canary, we just don't want a bunch of people coming in here and trying to dictate everything. I am one of the dictators here. What we say is the final say. If we sometimes sound like assholes, good! It's not that we don't care about the community, it's that we do this as a project for ourselves, and share that work with a community of people that want and like to use it. You don't go to Microsoft and get them to do things differently with Windows, they do that on their own. Don't do it here. Suggestions, comments, concerns are all welcome, just don't turn it into a pissing match. If you don't like how the team is doing something, then learn to program (or find someone willing to program for you) and fork the project. Its open source, it's free to modify, we can't nor will we stop you. Just remember the terms of the licenses. (Canary under the BSD License, and Minecraft Server under the Mojang Minecraft EULA)

Alright, I think I have ranted enough and put out enough incoherent/fragmented thoughts.

EDIT: Just to make clear, the Bukkit Community is always welcome. (As long as you can behave)

Good morning / afternoon / evening, fellow Canary people.

It's time for another update on our progress. You might have noticed, we have a running build out. Darkdiplomat has, yet again (although very grumpily and angry), pulled off to merge all the NMS things back into something useful. Damagefilter has been busy breaking things (because that's what he can do best) such as the Database API, additionally to updating our machine names for block types to be Minecraft compliant.

As you all already know, Minecraft 1.7 was released nearly a month ago now, and yet there are no signs of a CanaryMod for 1.7. Fear not though, we are planning to update to 1.7, it's just taking a lot longer than usual due to the size and changes that 1.7 contains.
As a part of our new "interaction policy" with our community, we want to be more open and honest with you guys. That's why today is a good day to explain some things. Most importantly, what happened in the past couple of months and why. So here we go.
Hello fellow Canary people! Welcome to our new home. Right now it's still a little rough around the edges as all the new and fancy features still need wallpapering. And rest assured, we're working like highly trained web-monkeys to fix it all up for you. I want to give you a little introduction about how things are supposed to roll around here so you can quickly find your way around. However, before you can start, I'm sure you're wondering what's up with your Forum accounts.